About Us

James Nellis

Executive Chef

Thirsty Palms

James, a San Diego native has been ever evolving his relationship with food since his adolescence. He is the definition of ‘self-made’ success; his focus on art and music was only the beginning of his artistic ability. Focusing on music in his early years, culinary work was always a parallel passion. He has been intertwined in every position imaginable within the walls of hospitality – from a busser to the Culinary Director, and everything in-between.

From creating food for the San Diego Chargers (now L.A.) to the bright lights at Las Vegas Palazzo onto multiple properties with world-renowned Kimpton hotels. He brings vast artillery of kitchen skills. Embracing his mentor’s teachings, James cultivated a love for bold and new flavors. “Simplistically exquisite” defines his craft.

He is now developing a new experience for patrons at the Thirsty Palms in the heart of Palm Springs, a new casual dining experience bringing a fusion of American and European pallets to play. James prides himself on his passion for flavor and his love for sharing his life’s growth transformed into food with a smile.

Bringing the finest culinary food from the heart of Europe directly to you.

The relaxed dining experience at The Thirsty Palm is chic nonetheless. Amazing food in the relaxation of Palm Springs.

The Thirsty Palms which will include a wide array of traditional Italian, Swiss, and American foods. We will also serve classic American breakfast specialties. By popular demand, breakfast will be served all day.

All food options will be prepared on site. The Thirsty Palms food made fresh to order.

The Thirsty Palms

134 Palm Canyon Road

Palm Springs, CA 92262